All right Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up

23 July 2008

Something to Talk About-wowOwow, "A New way for Women to Talk Culture, Politics and Gossip"

There’s some deep, atavistic need women have to get together with each other and talk. It’s as essential to us as food, shelter and love. Maybe it’s something ancient leftover in us from when the cavemen went off to hunt, and we sat in a circle with each other back at the cave, waiting. When we go a long time without this kind of female conversation we feel deprived. And when we do sit and talk, we feel better.” Lesley Stahl

I am sure you have noticed that as women we have a lot to say! We are passionate, we care, we feel, we cry, we laugh,we think and we love to talk!

I am dating myself here but I grew up in the days before text messaging-I totally don't get text messaging. ..pick up the phone and call me! Anyway, growing up I spent a lot of time on the phone talking to my friends and come to think of it I still do that. We talk about life and love and books and gardening and politics and knitting and try solve the world.

In this new on-line planet there are lots of ways to "talk", communities" to join,and places to express how you feel on any and every subject under the sites, networking sites, yeah dating sites...places where book lovers meet, knitters chat,gardeners help with rose advice,places to weigh in on the topics of the day. I have never found most of these that appealing as it always seems I am late to the party and there are "threads" that have gone on for weeks without me---who has time to chime in all day everyday and often the chatter is just that.

But did you ever sit in a restaurant and overhear a fascinating , sparkling, fun conversation and want to jump in? Imagine if you got to eavesdrop on some of the most interesting women and their conversations and were asked to join the group...women such as Lesley Stahl, Marlo Thomas, Cynthia Mcfadden,Candice Bergen, Whoopi Goldberg, Joan Juliet Buck,Lily Tomlin, Joan Ganz Cooney,Sheila Nevins, Julia Reed, Mary Wells, Liz Smith,...women who have been friends for years and now are inviting us into their circle to chat.

wowOwow-Women on the Web-was created and is run by Joni Evans, publisher and literary agent, along with some of her very well known and respected friends from diverse fields who all wanted to share their conversations and experience in a wider more accessible way with other women who also lead varied lives and have a lot to say about things they care about.

The center of the site is the daily "Conversation" which the women post on a free style of topics that can range from how to dance around aging, the unhappy would-be First Ladies, what books to take on a desert island,and of course the election. Surrounding the daily conversation are posts from the contributing women such as Marlo Thomas on the advice her Dad gave her,and topics ranging from good books, fashion, history, the energy crisis, the economy,politics,relationships, flirting over 40,religion, changing the planet...all of which sets the stage for a revolving, evolving dialogue that is so much fun to be a part of that you don't know where to read first. Ashley Judd has an amazing journal from her travels in Rwanda, Liz Smith will pop in with gossip and interviews, Candice Bergen talks about her favorite book of the summer...Then to spark further conversation there are interesting poll questions-"Should men open doors for women?" Questions of the day-"What music makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? What does being a woman mean to you and when did you know it?...even Edith Ann puts her two cents in, now how can you resist a conversation with Edith Ann?

Always up to the minute and filled with not only topics of the day but also the subjects that we care about and want to learn about, think about and talk about! At wowOwow there are lots of interesting lives and lots of interesting women to get to know, but most importantly there is a lot to learn and share. wowOwow is that sizzling, sparkling, fascinating,wonderful conversation at the next table and I am glad to pull up a chair-thank you for inviting me Women on the Web!