All right Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up

19 October 2008

Trail Break-Politics on the Shelf, History on View

`Barack Obama is taking a break from the Trail, his beloved Grandmother is very ill and he has left the campaign just 12 days before the election-remarkable, admirable.

Well, if Barack can take a break I guess we can too. I think we all need one...I really don't care how much Sarah spent at Neiman' didn't help! She should have asked Cindy to take her shopping...

With under two weeks to go in this amazing election year it is a good time to step back, regroup,reflect and breathe. Revisit School House Rock!!
Study Up!! before you Step up to the voting booth.

Recent films and books illuminate the lives and lessons of American history. The HBO miniseries based on David McCullough's John Adams is now out on DVD
...go watch or read! I promise you will come away with a new outlook on what the first Tuesday in November is really all about. WWJAS, What would John Adams say about his country today?? Wouldn't you love to see Ben Franklin chiming in on AC 360?? Thomas Jefferson on SNL?

Feeling overwhelmed by all the issues, all the talking heads, all the emails, phone calls, ads, all the NOISE!??? KISS...Keep it Simple Silly, Go Visit the Kids room at the local Library or pick up one of these terrific Kid's Books, they explain it all, and trust me...Kids Get it!!

Oh, Where is President Bartlett when we need him!

So, turn off CNN,escape the noise, and curl up with classic politics-films that make you think, laugh, cry, ponder, reflect and remember that after the polls close there are 4 years minimum to live with the decisions we make that day...but for now, go watch Jimmy Stewart!

...Or Go Read up on why we are, who we are, where we are...12 more days, take a break!!