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11 April 2009

Forget TWEETS-It's All About PEEPS!

Everyone is busy Tweeting on Twitter

Chicago Tribune

but if you really have time on your hands you can still enter the National Geographic Peeps in Places Challenge starring the headliner of every Easter basket-Marshmallow Peeps.

Peeps may send you into a sugar coma but somehow it just isn't Easter, or spring for that matter, without their little faces appearing on the shelves of drugstores and markets. Peeps are the ultimate in nostalgia candy and these days I think everyone is looking for reminders of comfy and fun.

Give PEEPS a Chance

Peeps also makes bunnies and tulips in a wide range of colors, including chocolate,but it is the little yellow chick that appeared over 55 years ago that remains the most famous in the nest and leads his(her?) flock on great adventures each Easter season.

Peeps contests that stretch the talents of the Marshmallow Chicks and their gooey friends are everywhere this time of year. In addition to the National Geographic Photo Challenge, many major newspapers including The Chicago Tribune and The Washington Post hold Peeps Diorama Contests. This year over 1100 sugar coated entries were submitted to The Post displaying scenes played out by chicks and bunnies. many of the Finalists and Winners reflect what is on all PEEPS minds these days and many are about PEEP Escape.

Washington Post-2008

Let Them Eat Jelly Beans!

The winner of the 2009 Washington Post PEEP show is NightPeeps

a recreation of Edward Hopper's painting Nighthawks- a dark urban scene infused with marshmallow pink and yellow.

Here are some other favorite Winners and Finalists from the Sugar Chick Gallery :

PEEP on a Wire-Washington Post-2009

Washington Post-2009

Washington Post

Double PEEP Strike, Bunnies Survive-2009

Project PEEPWay -Washington Post 2008

Washington Post

PEEPS are a Girl's Best Friend 2008