All right Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up

05 August 2012

A Girl, Three Cities and A Dress-Gray Malin's Timeless Pursuit

 The urge to write storyline captions is hard to resist.  We want to know her story...we want to know the tales of that Oscar de la Renta vintage polka dot dress...we want a Happily Ever After!!

The journey for photographer Gray Malin started with the discovery of "The Dress" and with that Oscar classic, and a model, whose face we really never see, Malin traveled to three cities, New York, Los Angeles and Paris on a "Timeless Pursuit".

 Part "That Girl", part Leslie Caron/Audrey Hepburn, part Mary Tyler Moore, this enchanting journey tells the tale of One Girl, One Dress and Three cities.  Photographed between 2008 and 2011 we follow The Girl and The Dress through a love letter to three very different iconic cities as The Girl makes stops at many beloved landmarks.

  In New York City we see her outside Bergdorf's-does she buy that dress in the window?  She spends time in Central Park, strolls through Times Square, walks  across  the Brooklyn Bridge and people watches at Grand Central Station.

We want to know---Is she waiting for someone? Is she looking for someone?  Is New York her city?

 In Paris the Polka Dot Dress Girl sits at a cafe, visits the Eiffel Tower of course with an Audrey bouquet of balloons, ponders with Rodin's The Thinker, looks out toward the Seine, stops at the Louvre, and window shops outside Dior-

 Does she go into Dior?  Does she shop? Does anyone join her at the Cafe?  Does she meet a handsome stranger and fall in love in Paris??

 In LA, our Girl visits The Getty Museum, The Beverly Hills Hotel-is she staying there? We see her on Rodeo Drive with her nose pressed up against a jewelry store window.

 We are with her as she  roams the grounds of  Greystone, walks toward the Hollywood sign, sans heels, tip toes on the Hollywood  walk of fame, and stops outside the gates of Paramount studios... this her dream? Is Hollywood where The Girl and The Dress are destined to be---personally I vote Paris for her but I wish her well and hope that we see her again.  For more from Timeless Pursuits Visit Maison Gray,The House of Gray Malin. and Timeless Pursuits is now a coffee table book!!